These days, it takes more diligence than ever to understand all of the nuances surrounding your investment portfolio. We’ve been in the business for almost three decades and we rely on our vetted four-step process and a dedicated team of seasoned professionals to help increase our clients’ probabilities for success.

Focused, dedicated professionals.

It truly takes a team of experienced professionals to develop the optimal, risk-adjusted asset allocations of our Freedom portfolios. With billions in assets to manage each day, we don’t take this responsibility lightly and tirelessly approach portfolio construction from all angles. Members of our trusted research team specialize in risk profiling, sophisticated asset allocation, money manager selection and investment policy development.


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Research Team

Manager Research

Due Diligence

The research team is composed of:

Manager Research determines the portfolio’s asset allocation, building efficiencies by choosing an appropriate mix of stocks, bonds and alternative investments.

Due Diligence searches for, hires and continuously monitors high-quality managers striving to consistently compensate investors for active risk taken.

Four steps. Your solution.

Developing a sophisticated investment solution requires more than a review of past market patterns. When it comes to your financial goals, we help you get from here to there by first assessing forward-looking capital market assumptions. We place a premium on those factors that are most likely to add value to your portfolio because only looking at the past isn’t indicative of your financial future.



Capital Market Assumptions

Employ forward-looking risk, return and correlation assumptions based on economic data and market fundamentals. These tools move beyond analyzing historical data and help avoid trend-chasing behaviors.



Asset Allocations

Whether you are taking an aggressive or conservative approach to investing, our advanced optimization process is designed to find an asset allocation intended to maximize return potential at various risk levels. The resulting portfolio strategies are developed to reduce the overall risk of your portfolio while remaining in alignment with your overall return goals.



Investment Selection

Portfolio construction is a distinct step in the process. Portfolios are constructed by selecting high quality investment solutions that have consistently compensated investors for the risk taken in their portfolio.



Continual Monitoring

Proactive performance reviews are essential to maintaining your goals and objectives. Each step in the investment process is continuously monitored in an effort to ensure that investment integrity is maintained while providing a sophisticated program that works toward reaching each client’s goals.

We think every investment choice benefits from taking an objective, systematic and disciplined approach to the decision-making process. Raymond James Asset Management Services uses a deliberate, four-step process to build the Freedom investment portfolios, which are available exclusively to the firm’s advisors.

Watch these videos to learn more about the process and its benefits.


Freedom Investment Process Overview

A deeper dive on each of the steps in our portfolio construction process

Step One: Capital Market Assumptions

Step Two: Asset Allocation

Step Three: Investment Selection

Step Four: Ongoing Monitoring